Nikki Abban is a first generation Ghanaian-American filmmaker born and raised in Maryland and a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. Her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication Rhetoric and minor in Film Studies coupled with her work experience has giver her the tools to create captivating, influential, and powerful human interest stories.
Recently, Abban worked as an Associate Producer at Catalyst Films  for Emmy nominated Director and Producer Kristi Jacobson. Before this, she was a Production Assistant with Part 2 Pictures for Season 3 of This is Life with Lisa Ling. She also interned with Doctors Without Borders and Pittsburgh’s NPR Station: 90.5 WESA.
Nikki’s involvement in Uncivilized began at the start of post production. Inspired by humanity’s search for enlightenment, she is thrilled to join the Uncivilized team. This is first time as Producer and Creative Producer on a feature length documentary film.
Starting in September of 2018, Nikki will be serving as a Youth Development Specialist for Peacecorps Morocco.
Instagram:@niki_nasti  | Contact: LinkedIn